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Join thousands who have changed their lives and overcome low confidence and anxiety with these tools. Learn my routine for having great self esteem and overcoming insecurities. Find out how to get rid of social anxiety, boost confidence and be your best self!

Jordan Burness - Self Esteem Expert and Licensed Therapist

4 KEY Topics we will cover

  1. A mindfulness checklist to help you identify areas in your life that would benefit from a more present-focused mindset.
  2. Detailed descriptions on gratitude and how to use it in your life, as a tool for overcoming negativity.

  3. Suggestions on boosting your self esteem and concrete solutions for becoming more CONFIDENT.

  4. A discussion of the THREE causes of suffering in our lives and powerful tools for overcoming them.

Jordan's Story 

Hey, I am Jordan Burness, the creator of You Counselling. I am a professional therapist with my masters degree and I created this guide after finding a method that helped me heal from my own social anxiety and low self esteem!  I really wanted to help other people struggling with low confidence, disabilities and deformities. I am a survivor of a cleft lip and palate and have had over 15 surgeries. Growing up I had numerous issues with my self esteem and a long journey of overcoming stereotypes. I want to help anyone feeling that way to know - It CAN get better and that the goal should be PROGRESS not perfection!

Mindfulness has helped me to change my life from being shy and settling for less, and helped me turn into the best version of myself. I am a therapist, partner, entrapeneur and investor. I get to spend 3 months a year travelling, have a job I love and feel amazing about how I look and feel - cleft lip and all.

I run a YouTube channel called “You Counselling” and make weeekly videos and content on self esteem, mental health and wellbeing!

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